Praise for Punchlist Manager

“We love it in warranty and I think construction will benefit from it as well. Thank you.”

Nathan Greenfield

Viera Builders

Hi Everyone…

I have been working in PLM with a few “new” items … and I just had to take a few minutes to email you on how excited I am for the ongoing developments within PLM. I absolutely LOVE this Program – it is user friendly, well organized and highly accessible – not to mention, fun to use. Seriously. Makes my job so much easier!


Nena Forseth

Riedbuilt Homes

It has and continues to be a very solid software for us to administer our quality inspections of production homes and address client concerns after they have been sold.

Marv Jansen
Production and Service Coordinator
Streetscape Developments

Good afternoon Dan,

As the Customer Experience Manager here at Galko Homes our objective is not  to provide Great Customer Service but more importantly to provide a Great Customer Experience.

Far too often all that is heard are the negative situations, we do not reflect on the great positive things that people do.

I want to thank you for the outstanding…no that’s wrong…. for the exceptional ongoing support that we receive from Deb , not just on occasion but on a consistent bases.

I am certain that you know this already and that you communicate that to her because her attitude and determination in providing a Exceptional Customer Experience must be the culture that you set forward within your company.

So today its about thanks and appreciation on a job well done to you Deb………

Ron Tyslau
Customer Experience Manager
Galko Homes


“Ok, I just have to tell you, attaching pictures to work orders is very cool. I haven’t used it very much, but the more I use it, the more I like it. I love that feature; being able to send a work order with pictures attached. Just wanted to tell you that so you know I’m happy with PLM.”

Valerie Kupfer
Customer Service, Construction, & Sales Coordinator
 Franciscus Homes, Inc.

“Punchlist Manager is a great resource for us. The people at Service Software are always there to assist us and they provide excellent customer service. PLM is what we make it. New enhancements are always being developed and PLM is accessible from anywhere and on any device making our department very mobile.”

Lyle Hackett
Warranty Manager
Cardel Homes (Denver)

“MW Johnson Construction had been using the Access version of Punchlist Manager™ for quite a while at the time when I came on board in ’05. Right at that time, our field personnel had changed over to paperless construction management software, which was web-based utilizing tablet PC’s with remote web access. By the time I revisited the Punchlist Manager.NET™ product, we had thousands of homes with their entire service history and notes stored in the Access version of Punchlist Manager™. I was very concerned about the conversion, but the Service Software team was extremely helpful in both communication and execution. Some tweaks had to be made of course, but they were made promptly and effectively. I found that Service Software had measures in place to ensure follow-ups were done and we felt well looked after.

The new software has increased our efficiency and reporting by a long shot. There are still additional functions we have not even tapped into yet – the program seems flexible enough to allow for variations in process. We have combined several functions with existing software to create an excellent and professional experience in our homes with our clients. The “item quick add” has to be my favorite feature since it makes issuing service orders for a multiple item service date a snap compared to the older technology. Combining a pdf creator as a print destination allows us to create one electronic attachment, which can be sent in an email or attached to an Outlook appointment. Our superintendent can then click on the appointment once his laptop Outlook has updated – make any marks, notes, or customer sign-offs – then email that modified attachment back to the office. Punchlist Manager.NET™ combined with a side-by-side computer screen allows us to not print anything unless absolutely necessary.

A terrific upgrade – web access allows our construction president to log in and view any data he may need or be interested in. Even those unfamiliar with the inner workings of the software environment can use the Quick Find feature at the top of the screen to find any needed information searching by address, contact, vendor name, or our internal job ID #. We have recently switched from another older Access-based system for our escrow work to Punchlist Manager.NET™. The suspend feature allows us to enter those items that are yet to be completed as individual work orders, assign appropriate vendors, then suspend until a future date, i.e. spring of following year.”

Sam Greene
Warranty Manager
MW Johnson Construction, Inc.
Lakeville, Minnesota

When Craig Stonaha, information manager for Greth Homes in Temple, Penn., joined the company nearly two years ago, he ran a full audit of all their software. Although most of the applications were replaced, Service Software’s signature product, Punchlist Manager™, was spared, and has remained a constant ever since. Its ease-of-use and administration abilities reduce the need for costly overhead and maintenance costs. Combine these attributes with Service Software’s phenomenal customer service and Stonaha firmly believes he has a premium product with the knowledge and expertise to support it.

“The speed and efficiency of this software allows our customer service representatives to work quickly in a nearly paper free environment,” said Stonaha. “Punchlist Manager™ minimizes the amount of time spent in the office, allowing them to spend more time with our customers.”

Greth Homes a mid-sized builder that recently achieved a number one ranking in 13 out of 14 customer satisfaction categories from the Eliant 2003 National Survey of 100,000 homebuyers from 141 major homebuilders across the country. According to Eliant, “This is a feat no other builder, large or small, was able to achieve.” (2003 Eliant, Homebuyers Choice Awards, April 2003;

Punchlist Manager™ has been Greth Homes primary database for post-settlement customer service personnel for the past seven years. Due to the software’s success in that role, Greth is currently changing overall customer service personnel to Punchlist Manager™. Stonaha believes this will provide Greth with the tracking and organizational capabilities that will help keep them at the top.

Greth Homes believes the key to their success is how quickly, efficiently, and eagerly they can respond to customer concerns when they arise. They claim that this high response rate would not be possible without Punchlist Manager™.

Our ratings are founded on quality, design, and service, among other things – we are especially known for our service after the sale. By utilizing thePunchlist Manager™ application for service, Dustin Riegel, our Customer Service Manager, has positioned our company with number one rankings for seven years running.

A key to the effectiveness of Punchlist Manager™ for Greth is its report tracking and accountability features, which allow them to track and maintain quality control among their contractors. According to Stonaha, Greth Homes is able to establish what constitutes an acceptable amount of service calls for a specific contractor’s work, in a specified time frame. This detail allows Greth to walk the fine line between creating happy customers and maintaining acceptable profit margins.

Over the years, Punchlist Manager™ became one of the most consistent and reliable software programs at Greth and Stonaha is confident that this is a result of the solid relationship they have developed with Service Software. He added, “Their commitments to their product and in Greth Home’s success is evident.

Jon H. Gerhart
Vice President
Greth Homes

We are happy with their commitment to service and are excited about the direction the product is going.”

We spent a considerable amount of time investigating the various warranty applications to manage our process. We serve many builders throughout the west coast and needed an application that was web based, user-friendly, and provided the reporting that we need for work order management. We found that with Punchlist Manager.NET™.

David Aispuro
Professional Home Warranty Services, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA