Run Your Business From the Palm of Your Hand

The newest generation of software for Windows Mobile PC Devices and tablet computers.

Now you can be more productive in the field when managing, scheduling and completing work orders, quality assurance, and quality control walkthroughs. With Mobile Manager for .NET, you manage your schedule, vendors schedule on work, quality assurance walkthrough items, and quality control, all from the convenience of your Smartphone or Tablet. Mobile Manager for .NET, brings benefits to your quality assurance, service and warranty departments on many levels.

More Convenient and Easy to Use

  • Windows Mobile PC platform makes Mobile Manager for .NET easy to learn— it works with many Windows Mobile 2003 and newer devices.
  • Point and click menus, allow for easy use in the field. View your schedule with one click of a button.
  • Menu driven system, with quality assurance/control templates
  • Menu Driven it’s simple to use point and tap, and the system takes you where you need to go.


Mobile Manager

Intuitive Mobile – Use on your iPad, iPhone, Android Device & Windows Tablet

Manage Your Service & Warranty Department from your phone Using Punchlist Manager.NET

(Will work on any  web-based enabled device)


  • Menu Driven – It’s simple to use, point and tap and the system takes you where you need to go!
  • Job Details – Review job details that help you prepare for an appointment and make quick decisions.
  • Create lists and work orders in the field – Add in new lists in seconds and create new work orders complete with pictures right from the field.
  • Schedule – Once a WO is created, browse your vendors or employees and schedule out your work while on site.  Easy access to vendor information!
  • Tasks – Create and review tasks on-the-go.

Have the freedom to run your entire Service, Warranty & Quality Control Department from your smartphone or tablet!

Information at your fingertips!

  • Job Detail –  Review key warranty dates, contact information, documents, notes, and lists/work orders.
  • Correspondence – View past correspondence and update new communication instantly in the field.
  • Email – Send an email right from your job and it will  automatically save it to your correspondence.
  • View Documents/Pictures – View all your documents and pictures in the field.  Upload your documents to the job and have the customer sign it in the field

Intuitive Mobile

Capture signatures

Close out WO’s and walkthroughs by getting your home-owners signatures on your smartphone!

  • Create New WO on the fly or edit assignment
  • Enter your notes in action taken
  • Add new pictures of issue
  • Schedule a technician or vendor
  • Capture homeowner signature & close