World-Class Customer Care

The ultimate service we offer is our Customer Support Program — ongoing assistance and proactive support to take your customer care process to a new level of proficiency.

Our goal here at Service Software is to provide you with the level of Customer Service your clients expect from you. Our company is successful only because of the clients that use our product. Therefore we strive to keep you completely satisfied with your product, whether by answering any questions you may have or by resolving any issues in a timely manner.

Please call 800-583-8474 and select 1 for support. We are there for you!

In keeping with the tradition of excellent customer service and uptime, we would like to invite you to take a Virtual Tour of the Qwest CyberCenter. This is the facility that we have chosen to host our servers that support our suite of applications.

Client Portal

As part of Service Software’s continued effort to improve the quality, communication and service we provide our customers, we have added a ‘Client Portal’ that will allow you to submit, monitor and view your support needs online.

Simply follow the steps listed below to accomplish the online connection:
In the address line on your web browser type or copy in:
This will take you to the login screen where you will be able to type in the login name and password from the email.

You’ll be able to:

  • Submit Request
  • View Requests
  • Monitor Requests
  • Print Requests
  • View and print important documents, such as the current User Guide, Job and Vendor Portal Manuals, Mobile User Guide plus more.
  • Contact information for Service Software, LLC.
  • Common FAQ’s that customers would like to know

Please remember to always ‘LOGOUT’ by clicking on the logout button at the top right of the page. If you’d like to change your password please email one of our Trainers with the new password you’d like and they’ll be happy to update your record. The login and password is user specific and has been assigned to the main contact/user of the program. Please notify us of any changes or updates that are needed to your customer record.

Thank you and as always we’re here to provide the best quality service in the business.

System Requirements

Running Punchlist Manager requires that you use Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge as your internet browser.



Microsoft Edge

Punchlist Manager Mobile Requirements

When purchasing new devices, we recommend that you get the latest and greatest or the previous version of the latest devices available to ensure that your device is supported.


  • Your device must be running iOS 10 or higher
    • This is the minimum iOS version supported


  • Supported Android devices must be running version 4.1 – 8.0
  • Please note that devices using 4.1 and some 5.0 devices may not be able to handle Intuitive Inspections or Manage IT Mobile due to performance reasons