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Over the past few years, we have seen tremendous growth in the adoption of our Homeowner Portals.  It is becoming very clear that homeowners will soon expect a portal available 24/7 to get up to date information on their home.  The question is whether you want to be ahead of the curve or behind the curve on this imminent industry change.

For over 24 years, Service Software has offered the most cutting edge, forward thinking and easy to use solutions.  As an example, our Punchlist Manager software includes access to three portals that help homebuilders leverage technology to provide a 5-star experience for their home buyers, vendors and project managers.  Today, we will be highlighting our most popular of those, the Homeowner Portal.

The Homeowner portal is a valuable tool that allows you to accomplish two of your highest priority goals simultaneously.  One, provide next level customer service and two, save time and administrative costs for your office personnel.  Stay with me a minute while we explain.  The Homeowner Portal has the unique phenomenon saving you extensive administrative time while providing a higher level of customer service.  By giving the Homeowner a log in, they now feel like you are accessible to them 24 hours a day and that they are completely up to date with what’s going on with their pending warranty requests.  Simultaneously, you are shifting the responsibility of data entry (adding service & warranty requests) issues onto them.  When the homeowner submits an issue through the portal, the staff assigned to that job receives an email notification making them aware of the new issue and the work order shows up directly on your dashboard.  All your internal staff needs to do is view the issue and assign it to the correct party (whether it’s for an internal review or needs to be subbed out to a trade).

By shifting the responsibility of adding issues to the Homeowner, this gives the appearance of greater transparency and customer service while saving your staff additional work from having to answer the phone, log into the system and enter the items themselves.  In addition, one of the most significant time savings associated with the portal is the ability for the homeowner to add pictures of issues in real time.  One of the more common complaints we hear from builders is how much time is wasted going out to sites the site for an initial inspection.  However, if the homeowner submits a picture through the portal, your techs can frequently make a determination right from their desk.  This can be a significant time savings by not having to drive back and forth to the property just to make a determination.

While these are all significant benefits and time savers, we aren’t naïve to the fact that not every homeowner will take advantage of this great feature, however it is a great tool to recruit certain buyers.  One of our biggest concerns that we get from our builders is their initial assumption that the homeowner will overuse the portal and submit a larger number of frivolous request.  Surprisingly, our builders that have put the portal in place have actually heard the contrary.  When you give the homeowner a certain time frame, they scramble to find issues to add but when you keep the portal open, there is no rush,  Adding this level of transparency with the owner is greatly appreciated on their end and is a real differentiator between you and your competition.  As a safe guard against individuals that “overuse” the portal, we allow our builders to customize the areas, categories & subcategories that you allow them to submit request on.  This will make sure the homeowner stays in the lines of what are acceptable warranty requests!

The Homeowner Portal is just a small portion of our application but one that we are starting to see tremendous interest in as the marketplace turns more mobile.  With the portals you can allow now provide tools that allow those around you to be more efficient and communicate more effectively improving the customers overall experience.  Our homeowner portal allows your office staff and field techs to better manage their time while provide outstanding customer service.  Last but not least, by increasing the level of production and efficiency of each employee, you can maximize what you are getting out of each individual and keep your costs of operation down to a manageable amount.

If you’d like to see a quick 5 minute overview, click on the link below.  Thank you for taking a few minutes to view the most comprehensive yet intuitive service & warranty software application in the industry.

Please reach out to us at Sales@servicesoftwareinc.com to find out more.  Check out our video entitled Punchlist Manager Software Overview to get a sneak peek at the Desktop version of our solution which includes detailed scheduling, vendor tracking and analytics.

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