Customer Training Testimonials – Punchlist Manager Classroom Training

Customer testimonials and feedback Punchlist Manager has received from the attendees of our classroom training.

Classroom Training – 25th & 26th January 2018

 “I just got back from training with Leena on Punchlist and WOW! Leena is a great educator on the system and made sure all of our questions were answered and understood! While there, I met the whole team and everyone is great! Want to thank Leena for the awesome training and special thanks to Nigel and Chris for the hospitality! I just wish I wasn’t so far away, I’d love to come visit on a Friday afternoon!!! Thanks again everyone!! Dan has a great team!”

Jennel Dompier

New Tradition Homes

Classroom Training – 10th & 11th August 2017

“Leena was amazing! I learned so much information that I can’t wait to take back to my office and make my life/job easier. Your whole team was so friendly and welcoming, you’re all amazing! Thank you!

Cassidy McKinney

Pacific Lifestyle Homes/ Garrette Custom Homes

 “So much to learn. Need more time to address it all. Leena was amazing! She was able to help everyone regardless of their level of knowledge and learning style. You guys have a great company! Had a great time 🙂

Susan Taylor

Pacific Lifestyle Homes/Garrette Custom Homes

“Great class. Very informative and beneficial. There is so much this program can do. I would a third day to do more test runs.

Cindy Morgavan

Aspen View Homes

“Very informative. Excellent information that is usable for all levels of use.

Mike Powell

 Classroom Training – 20th & 21st July 2017

“I had no knowledge of Punchlist before this training. I left with enough information to be able to utilize it and show other people in my office. Leena taught everything in a way that kept my attention.”

Nicole Gero

Horizon View Homes

“I appreciate the training. Punchlist Manager is more than anticipated. There are more layers to this program than imagined and seems very versatile. Maybe have a trainer that’s a little more energetic next time LOL! ;)”

Brandon Rogers

Horizon View Homes

“Leena is Great! I learned a lot!”


Horizon View Homes


“Very informative session with Leena. We got all our questions answered”

Mike Gomez

Eagleridge Homes (RRD Pueblo)

“Great session! There is a lot to learn, but I feel confident that I learned the basics and now I can build on the foundation. I always appreciate the ‘University’ documents to provide basic clarification. It was also very helpful to have others in the industry to provide and share their best practices and hear the common questions/issues they have encountered during their implementation.”

Janelle Kelley

Lokal Homes

“Leena is fantastic! The in person training you receive is great. You get so much more out of it than the online sessions. So much information but done in a way where you don’t feel overwhelmed.”

Aaron Rissinger

Keystone Custom Homes

“Training was very informative and we learned a lot. Leena is awesome! Explained clearly and was very patient. She covered a lot and answered all questions. Can not wait to use all the info daily. Service Software team is amazing!!!

Pat Smith

Keystone Custom Homes

“Training has been great. Leena has done a great job going through the many services PLM has to offer. We look forward to using what we have learned and sharing this information with others in the warranty department.”

Mark Godwin

H&H Homes

“PLM is very impressive, from the staff to the operation of their company. They are so positive, upbeat, and truly care about their customers. Leena is awesome! What more needs to be said? She always has your attention and is very detailed. She lets you ask questions at any time. So glad I took this training course.”

Mary Ann Jones

H&H Homes

Classroom Training – 6th & 7th April 2017

 “This is the 2nd time I’ve come to class and I’ve learned as much this time as I did last time. Great class and friendly staff.”

Kathy Colletti

Aspen View Homes

“Great Energy. Treated like guests. Tailored the class to me our companies specified needs. Extremely friendly and helpful staff.”

Jennifer Cooper 

Aspen View Homes


“Found some new reports to use to help clean up older letters. Also learned of some helpful shortcuts.”

Don Kauff

Aspen View Homes

“Instruction was outstanding. Appreciated concentrating on answering questions we have. Also reviewing our current process and showing ways to improve.”

Jeremy Giddings

Aspen View Homes

Classroom Training – 9th & 10th March 2017

“Awesome Course! Very interactive and fun!! I was able to learn a lot over the past two day. So many different short cuts to PLM. She was very detailed and made sure we understood all the info.”

James Osborne

Thrive Home Builders

“Great info. Great Teacher. Great program.”

August Hernandez

Thrive Home Builders


“I liked the small hidden features that would make every day life easier in Punchlist. Leena was a great teacher and went above and beyond with the knowledge she shared with us.”

Michael Langiewice

Thrive Home Builders

“Leena was awesome! Aware of proper teaching techniques and allows everyone to feel comfortable. She was informed and authentic. Awesome Job!”

Joelle McGhie

Thrive Home Builders

“Overall, great class.”

Michael Whetten

Baessler Homes

“Overall the class was informative. Leena has high energy and kept the class interesting.”

Michael Belasquez

Baessler Home

Classroom Training – 23rd & 24th February 2017

“Punchlist Manager has been such a huge asset. We came for training and Leena is wonderful. We learned so much more about how to be more efficient. I would recommend all Punchlist Manager users to attend the training course.”

Betty Sloan

Homes by Taber

“Punchlist Manager training was above and beyond my expectations. Leena was extremely informative and educational. We love Punchlist Manager. This saved our company.”

Lynn Sloan

 Homes by Taber

“Leena was so energetic and fun. It made the training class interesting and as a result, so much more effective. The natural flow (no agenda) made it so we were able to focus on the subjects we needed the most guidance on and led to a lot of quick tricks I never would have discovered otherwise.”


Ryder Homes

“The training was above and beyond my expectations. I learned so much when I thought I already knew this program. It was amazing! We are the only builder in the region that uses Punchlist Manager and it shows the success of our warranty program. Thank you.”

Lisa Callahan

Ryder Homes

“The site is very easy to navigate and also intuitive, even for a complete newbie like myself. The support and help page are great tools (including the awesome ‘global search’ bar at the top). Leena was a fantastic trainer with lots of energy and very thorough.”

Mike Gomez

Eagleridge Homes